Sugar Lake in Minnesota
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Discover Siseebakwet (Sugar) Lake in Minnesota

Crown Jewel of the Northland: “Ziinzibaakwad”

DID YOU KNOW that Sugar Lake provides 26 FEET of water clarity? It is literally one of the cleanest, clearest lakes in all of Minnesota.

The high concentration of calcium carbonate in the water offers natural protection from acid rain, has been rumored to provide healing properties (Ojibwe tribes believed there was magic in the water), and produces that beautiful Caribbean/aquamarine color. Honestly, someone once called us "The Mediterranean of the Midwest" and we simply can't let it go. Little Sugar, located just to the southwest of the main lake by small stream access, is less colorful but FULL of fish!

Sugar Lake in Minnesota

Sugar Lake Minnesota

What Makes Sugar Lake One in a Million?

Fun Facts about Siseebakwet Lake in Minnesota

Lake Type: Natural Freshwater Lake
Ojibwe spelling: Ziinzibaakwad (Siseebakwet pronounced SIS-EH-BACK-WET)
Surface Area: 1,500 acres
Shoreline Length: 8 miles
Normal Elevation: 1,329 feet
Minimum Elevation: 1,328 feet
Maximum Elevation: 1,330 feet
Average Depth: 44 feet
Maximum Depth: 105 feet
Water Clarity: 26 feet
Trophic State: Oligotrophic
Fish Species: Walleye, Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, Pike, Crappie, Bluegill, Sunfish, Perch, Yellow Perch
History: First lake in Minnesota to have a lake owners' association and first lake with restricted waterfront deeds - you can find information on our lake association happenings HERE!



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